Halloween USB Flash Drives for Fun 2013
Sunday, November 03rd, 2013 | Author: Elaine

Happy Halloween 2013 with USB gadgets! Did you have a happy Halloween? And here I will show some interesting and funny USB flash drives collections. Maybe some crying faces? some pumpkins? something with red blood? or the zombies . You can dream and image all of these shapes of USB product.

1. Happy Skeleton Halloween Keychain USB Flash Drive, 4GB,16GB etc.

2. Scary Horror Halloween SCREAM Monster 4GB USB Flash Drive

3.Horror Zombie Crazy Eyes Halloween Monster keychain

4. Horror Halloween Laughing Pumpkin with Red Belt Monster 4GB USB Flash Drive – in Gift box

5. Halloween Pumpkin USB Flash Drive (Orange)

6. Halloween usb flash drives

7. Halloween Pumpkin Design 16GB USB Flash Memory

Have you had a impresssive Halloween  at 2013? Just show your usb and other halloween gift of 2013.

These usb halloween gifts not only can be a usb device, but also a gadget and a decoration and dool. You can also customize your usb devices if you want to design it by yourself and show your personality. There are lots of manufacturers and suppliers provides the services. You can find some on the top China B2B website Made-in-China.com.

If you have some weired or special USB gift or ideas, you can post a comment and share with me.

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