Autobots Transform USB Flash Disk
Monday, June 22nd, 2009 | Author: Elaine Lee

Autobots Transform USB Flash Drive

Coming just in time to greet the Transformers’ Sequel trailers is this Ravage Transformer flash drive. Movie tie in flash drives are becoming common place and may some day be just as important as a mouse. One of the best things about custom flash drives like this is the ability to separate them visually and keep track of what data is on them. My NIN MP3 collection would definitely be on the Resident Evil Chainsaw drive and Rampage here would have to hold our Portable Anti-virus software. We’re not sure what data goes on a USB Sushi drive but once you decide on it you’re bound to remember it.

This new transformer drive makes these old ones look like Go-bots. Cold, but true. Ravage holds 2GBs of data and is rated for USB2.0 connections. Actual memory speed is unknown. Of course you can probably expect much better throughput if you connect Ravage to Optimus Prime. Manufacturer’s warranty is void though if you merge him with the All Spark. NB this is an adult toy, not made for children, more for collectors. To suite the collectors they offer special shipping that guaratees the quality of the packaging for those out there that aren’t looking to play with it or use it out of the package. Either way you order it, it’s not due to arrive until September but will only $42.99.

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