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Data Backup Storage – Samsung Story
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 | Author: Elaine Lee

Samsung Story

The Samsung Story is here looking more like a high-end home stereo component than a desktop peripheral. Don’t let its rigid looks fool you it’s actually meant to be a very user friendly 1.5TB backup device for all your favorite files. The machined aluminum casing houses a single 3.5″ SATA hard drive. Aluminum cases are notoriously good at dissipating heat which large fast drives generate in abundance. The Story is USB 2.0 enabled for fast transfers and speedy backups.

Samsung Story Station

Backups and Data Storage are what this monster is really about. The Story comes with three extra features to solve your data storage needs. not just data storage and protection is the main focus of the software packages provided with the drive. Samsung provides a timed backup software package which can optionally include the backup sets with a password key that you supply. they also provide their own version of a Truecrypt type functionality. This program attaches an encrypted virtual drive to the host computer and all files stored within it are automatically encrypted. It’s available in 500GB, 1TB and the mammoth 1.5TB version but there’s no word yet on price but it should be available in May.

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Easy Backup Your Data
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 | Author: Elaine Lee

Clickfree Traveler

Flash drives have reached the capacity that most people will find enough for a full data backup. A problem is that those of us who lack the will to organize files will find it extremely difficult to backup everything to an external drive in a timely manner since they don’t keep things together. Well, ClickFree Traveler is the answer to this. It doesn’t require any kind of software installation.

As soon as you plug in the credit card-sized flash card into a PC, it automatically finds documents, video, photos, tax returns, favorites, or any of the 400 file types on your system, and then copies them onto the ClickFree Traveler. Next time you hook it to the same PC, it will begin incremental backup, and only grabs the modified files as well as new ones. Also unique to the ClickTree Traveler is Apple compatibility so you will be able to restore PC files on a Mac. The company however never mentioned data encryption since that is of paramount importance.

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