Digistor USB Blu-Ray burner for your travel bag
Monday, June 22nd, 2009 | Author: Elaine Lee

Digistor USB Blu-Ray burner

Another great one for your travel bag, this Digistor USB Blu-Ray burner from Sunland International is right-sized for travel. The Blu-Ray Burner is a slot loading type and is powered by a single USB or double USB connection. The Drive really requires more juice than a single USB connection can supply but they have come up with a couple of nifty solutions to get around those needs. The best way would be to use the included double USB connector.
Here’s the really unusual part, if you don’t have 2 available USB ports you can get by on a single USB connection with the help of the built in Lithium Polymer battery. While the drive is not in use the battery trickle charges off of the USB connection. As soon as the drive needs juice the battery kicks in. The battery is good for about 3 hours worth of use on a full charge. Unfortunately this flexible system looks to set you back 6 large (there are some cheaper options). If you want to buy an AC adapter to help speed charging there’s one available for another $15. So if you’ve got $599 and are yearning to take your BD collection on the road with you this is for you.

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