Displaylink Linux News

In a move that has the Open Source movement cheering, DisplayLink has released the source code for the Linux port of its software. DisplayLink makes the hardware that supports the majority of peripheral video devices in the personal computer world. Responsible for USB video adapters, USB monitors and USB docking stations with video support, DisplayLink has also been responsible for developing the device driver s for their hardware. Their disclosure will allow the Linux community to pick up the development of the drivers at whatever pace public interest warrants.

Currently the Linux community has to wait, and usually comes last if at all when it comes to hardware driver support. Having a very small, but constantly growing user base, Linux usually represents too small of a revenue share for companies to invest too much time and money developing drivers to support them. The frustrating part is that the Linux community, rife with developers of their own is perfectly capable of supporting themselves. This release will give them what they need to support themselves. While open source market share is very low, innovation is very high and many popular software packages started as Open Source projects which were commercialized after they gained enough popularity. Hopefully this move will yield exciting new uses of an already useful product space.

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