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Thanko Introduces a New USB-powered Air Purifier
Friday, March 08th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

There have been a few months since we talked about suo product bizzarro Thanko USB powered. The last time guerra a hairbrush, which automatically misted. Your hair with water as you brush The new product from supplier strange gadgets This time, powered by USB, a UV air purifier.


The air purifier can purify the air around your office odors and dirt. The cleaner one of the two-speed and stacked filter, to clean the air, while the air is sucked through the filter. Affects Filtro erected six layers and is capable of deposition of particles in the air così smaller than 0.3.

It is an impressive size and small equipment could long way to improve the air quality in your office or go wardrobe. Air purifier ionizer also features an integrated help trap dirt and other allergens. Another feature to the interior of the device is specially designed for the dead bacteria and germs integrated UV light.

Hospitals worldwide use UV light in air germs and bacteria così strange tones UV dead, it is a proven method. The USB Air Purifier sells for $ 65 in modo because the device is not cheap now. You could probably go to your local Walmart store and pick destinazione plug-in air purifier, best lavoro would do, and it is faster.

USB Product – USB Air Purifier
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 | Author: Elaine

There square measure several USB gadgets within the market created to draw in the pc geeks. however there square measure solely only a few USB devices that have each enticing look and square measure helpful. One such helpful device is that the air setup which will beat up USB interface while not requiring extra supply of energy. This enticing USB air setup helps in spreading fragrance within the close. Thereby the USB air setup helps in avoiding the odor, germs and alternative dangerous particles within the close. the stylish USB air setup device comes in spirited colours. as a result of the handy nature and also the colourful appearance, the USB air setup conjointly acts as a décor material. This USB air setup has advantage over alternative air purifiers that it doesn’t would like alternative supply of energy. However, the device may be operated with batteries conjointly. This wonderful device may be connected to your pc or portable computer and may unfold stunning aroma within the close. currently you’ll get pleasure from your favorite fragrance in your geographic point victimization this innovative USB product.