EagleTec USB Card Reader
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 | Author: Elaine Lee

EagleTech Reader

No this isn’t a transmission from Orson to Mork but this tiny reader of tiny flash cards has just touched down from outer space. Dry off your drinking finger because you are going to need it to work this ultra tiny card reader. You really can’t get any smaller than this. At 17mm long there’s just barely enough of the EagleTec reader sticking out of the USB slot to get a hold of it. An ideal netbook companion this drive can extend your limited HDD or SSD storage space without needing to be unplugged when transported. Toss this in a tiny bag with the rest of your nano peripherals. It’s plug-n-play and PC and Mac friendly.

MicroSD cards have become the de facto standard for cell phones, GPS and MP3 players and are actually starting to show up in digital cameras so it looks like it might be time to switch out your gigantic SD/MMC card collection for the peewee microSD form factor. MicroSDHC capacity currently tops out for the reader at 32GB. Brando offers it with 8 and 16 GB microSDHC flash cards as well as unloaded for $31, $67 and a mere $13 respectively. It’s a great deal if you can manage not to lose it. No warranty is provided if you accidentally absorb it through the pores of your skin.

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