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Recharge Your USB Devices Faster
Monday, October 22nd, 2012 | Author: Elaine Lee

Frequently,we need to recharge our devices, but we could not reach a resolution. For example, it is rare to get close to a power outlet in a coffee shop or airport. But with all mobile devices that you take with you while you travel, you should expect nothing less than to be able to charge these devices when you’re on the road too.


To our joy, many of these mobile devices can be charged from your laptop and desktop charger laptop computer USB port or USB.This is great for people who are not always able to get a socket, but need to charge USB products such as smartphones, MP3 players and digital cameras.? You can even upload and manage your files from these devices while charging your computer.See a typical USB 2.0 port (like the kind found on most PCs) provides up to 500 mA (millamps) juice. But a type AC Wall Charger for, say, a Smartphone supply 900mA or more like 1000 mA – even if you plug the USB cable in the same charger.I explain what it means. If you want a faster charge your device, use a wall charger. Similarly, a car charger (the kind that plugs into a cigarette lighter) is more effective than the USB port of a PC, because they can deliver anywhere from 1.000 to 2.100 mA.

If your camera does not come with a wall charger, you can find several options gazillion on Ebay; If you need a batch of proper usb chargers, why not contact the qualified usb charger manufacturers? Just a random example: a 1000mA USB AC Charger for $ 1.99 shipped. Although the description says “iPhone”, it works with any mobile device.Therefore, the best way to recharge your USB device is an AC wall charger (car charger to provide a considerable amount of energy, your car must be turned on to charge your device is not completely environmentally friendly – In addition, it may be easier and cheaper access to an electrical outlet rather than a bicycle). ? This is the fastest way, almost without exception, to charge USB devices. Plug it in.

If you, like many people, are constantly moving and need to charge your devices, but do not have access to electricity, you can still use the USB port to recharge the battery of your device. ? However, USB 3.0 is the new development in the world and allows you to charge your USB devices with the same power as a wall charger. With USB 3.0, the electrical can be 900mA, which will help you charge your usb devices faster.

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Exciting USB Power ChargeCard for iPhone
Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 | Author: Elaine Lee

Tired of carrying around a USB cable just to charge your iPhone? You are no longer left with such a limited set of choices now. A new kind of iPhone charging cable called the Charge Card is being promoted in Kickstarter. The ChargeCard USB cable for iPhone fits in your wallet.


The original idea of the inventors of Noah and Adam Miller Dentzel said the card is a 30-pin USB charging cable rigid folded on itself. The body of the card is made of ABS plastic sustainability. The USB arm / plug that opens to the side of the card is made of a flexible thermoplastic elastomer. Measuring a tenth of an inch wide (2.54 mm), the apparatus is about three times thicker than a credit card. Considering that this is an iPhone charging cable we are talking about, it’s pretty impressive.

With a slim USB connector at one end and a 30-pin connector or micro-usb on the other, all you have to do is press the open connector of your phone and you’re good to go. With a $ 50,000 goal, Kickstarter project launched July 18 was funded $ 161,898 in August 27.

Mashable: “Just think, you’ll have it with you all the time, saving your bacon during those unfortunate occasions when your batteries run down to nothing.”

Now that’s exciting to have a small charger of iPhone! Then you will never need to stand with a dead iPhone in your hand. More mobile phone charger manufacturers.

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Belkin USB Auto Charger
Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 | Author: Elaine Lee


A problem shared among auto chargers is that it’s sticking out of a car’s dashboard. Belkin’s Micro Auto USB Charger is here to fix that. The low-profile charger fits flush in your cigarette socket, and turns it into a single 1000mAh charging port for the latest generation of iPods as well as iPhone 3G and original. Belkin could be looking at selling at least two of these to every car owner: one for the kids’ iPod touch and another one for the iPhone.

If charger sticking out doesn’t annoy you, the Dual Auto Charger is capable of supplying 1A on the first USB port and 500mA on the other. This maybe what you need should you also have a portable GPS on your dashboard that also needs recharging. The Micro Auto USB Charger will hit retail in May for $15, and the bulkier Dual Auto Adapter goes for nearly $30.

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