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USB flash drive has played an important part in our modern life in recent years. We need to store and backup our personal information and files, photos or transfer them to our mobile gadgets, laptops cell phones etc..

Let’s take a look at it for the best 8 hot selling USB flash drives this 2016 summer.

No.1 SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, Frustration-Free Packaging- SDCZ36-032G-AFFP

Price: $9.99


No.2 SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ43-128G-GAM46) [Newest Version]

Price: $28.99


No.3 Samsung 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (MUF-32BA/AM)

Price: $8.99


No.4 Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM)



No.5 PNY Metal Attaché 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – P-FDU64G/APPMT2-GE



No.6 PNY Attaché 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – P-FD32GATT03-GE

Price: $7.99


No.7 Samsung 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (MUF-64BA/AM)

Price: $17.99


No.8 SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive- SDCZ36-128G-B35

Price $27.99


We can see that there are 4 pieces of USB 2.0 and 4 pieces of USB 3.0. And we all know USB 2.0 is the most widely used USBs and USB 3.0 is the new high-speed standard ones with new interface for devices having USB c-type interface.

Among 8 besthe sellers, SandDisk And Samsung are the biggest winners, followed by PNY.

Before buying an ideal USB flash drives you can search for the reviews and look for some buying guides. The best way is to check the reviews of actual using experiences and stories.

USB flash drive is crucial for your personal data and data security. You can share with me what type of USB you want to use in this summer. Shop one that suits you.

What is USB 3.1 and Faster USB 3.1 Features
Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 | Author: Elaine

What is USB 3.1 and when it was released

USB Technology develops fast as the modern technology is blooming in data transmitting. We have already known well about USB 3.0. USB 3.0 is widely used for data transfer among popular devices, such as PCs, tablets, hybrids, and mobile phones.USB 3.0 was first announced by USB Promoter Group in 2008. The new standard offers 10 times of the data transfer speed vs. USB 2.0 and is high efficiency that is 5.0Gbps.

When is the USB 3.1 release date?

The USB 3.1 is released on Dec. 23th, 2013 by USB 3.0 Promoter Group, which is the highest level of USB standards until now with the fastest data transfer speed.

Why do we need faster data transfer speed?

This picture from Kingston.com can interpret our needs for data transferring clearly.

why we need that speed of USB

Faster USB 3.1 Specification

USB 3.1 has a 10gbps speed. And deliver twice the effective data performance than USB 3.0. It is fully compatible backward with USB cables and connectors.

The specification is as the following:

• Delivers 10 Gbps USB data rate

* 2x improvement over current USB3.0 5 Gbps data rate

• Improved data encoding for more efficient data transfer leading to higher through-put and improved I/O power efficiency

• Compatible with existing USB 3.0 software stacks and device protocols

• Works with both existing 5 Gbps USB 3.0 hubs and devices, as well as USB 2.0 products

In common words, USB 3.1 is faster and more powerful than before, but it also consumes more power. With its release, the new Type-C 3.1 as a new cable and connectors is also introduced.

There are three connector of interfaces for USB 3.0(Superspeed+), Type-A(standard-A), Type-B(Micro-B) and Type-C.

typeA and type C

TypeA and type C USB 3.1 Port

Type B of USB 3.1 Port

Type B of USB 3.1 Port

Type-A(standard-A) is the most widely used interface for connecting. Micro-B is mainly used in Smartphone and tablets. And the newly introduced Type-C 3.1 is used for lighter and thinner, and slimmer devices.

The Type-C 3.1 interface Pin

Type C interface

Supply better power Charge

USB 3.0 Promoter Group has said that the USB 3.1 connector and port are designed to accommodate future updates, making them future-proof.

Also, the Type-C 3.1cable can charge your tablets, smartphones and other devices faster with its up to 100 watts.

The test by Asus of USB 3.1

According to the technology reports from Asus Z97A usb 3.1, when the speed testing software continuously reading and writing, the reading speed comes up to 781.2MB/S, and the writing speed 797.8MB/S. The same environment of USB 3.0 test result is separately 446.5 MB/S and 448.6 MB/S. We can see the efficiency of USB 3.1 clearly.

The Competition from Intel

The only rival is Intel’s Thunderbolt technology, which is found primarily in Apple’s laptops and desktops. While as to the cost, USB have great advantage. Acer, as one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, announced that it would favor USB 3.1 over Thunderbolt in all future devices.

Pamper Imagination of the Future.

Look forward to more USB 3.1 devices blooming in our daily life. The usb 3.1 is the most powerful USB interface with type-c. There will be more and more devices like computers, tablets, and computer calculating interface to apply the USB 3.1 interface. And the future advanced devices with the most efficient USB port will supply us faster speed for data transferring. We will have better experience in multimedia data applications. Let’s wait for more USB 3.1 devices.


Toshiba is a major player in the NAND flash memory market. Recently, they announced a new line of TransMemory® drives that boasts some serious speeds.

With read speeds of 222 MB/s and write speeds of 205 MB/s, the TransMemory drives take full advantage of USB 3.0?s incredible transfer speeds. At this rate, copying large files such as games, music, photos, and system backups will take a lot less time than ever before.

But there’s more to the TransMemory 3.0 drives than just speed – they also offer large capacities for storing huge volumes of data. Available in 64GB and 128GB capacities, this family of drives offers big storage in addition to speedy performance.

These drives have a durable, highly functional design that includes an oversize keyloop for attaching to a keyring or lanyard. In addition to their exterior protection, the drives also keep your data secure with built-in security software and encrypted password protection. This will protect your important files in case the drive should fall into the wrong hands.

Maciek Brzeski, VP of Product Marketing and Development for Toshiba, had this to say about the new TransMemory 3.0 drives:

“Featuring the best performance, highest speed, and largest capacity of any Toshiba USB flash drive to date, this storage device offers blazing fast data transfers while ensuring that all digital information is securely protected.”

64GB drives retail for $129.99 MSRP while the larger 128GB drive goes for $199.99 MSRP. Each drive is compatible with both PC and Mac and is backed by Toshiba’s impressive 5-Year Standard Limited Warranty!


An report with an amazing picture has attracted me ! A charming Mushroom shaped usb full of diamonds!


“The Swiss jeweler, which specializes on intricate and extravagant jewelry pieces, recently unveiled a 150-carat diamond ring creation made completely out of diamonds. ” Sounds Amazing to us. We can never expect a USB flash drive could be so luxurious. A series of USB flash drives that can run up your bank account in the same way a high-class sports car can.

It is unbelivable. The lowest price of one is $16,500 ,and the most dear of one is $36,000 that can holding more diamonds and the other part of them are made of pure gold. The storage capacity of the mushroom usb flash drive is 32 GB. Not so big ,isn’t it ?

Generally, one can’t afford the jewelry mushroom usb with real diamonds and pure golds. But we can also image and enjoy it as an art of usb. “Beauty is everywhere if you keep an eye on it”.

Beautiful and magic and with unbelivable design! I have an impulse to have a look at it if there are any chances.

A Fancy Bag shaped keychain USB Flash Drive
Wednesday, May 08th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

This is a bag or purse shaped usb flash disk . The most convenient feature is that it is easy to carry. We can not worry about the lost of it.

The body of the USB keychain is made of metal. And it is with some crystal decorations on it. It supports plug-and-play function with various capacities .Let us have a look at the data transfer speed. The reading speed is 8 to 14Mbps,and the writing speed is 3 to 6Mbps. The most impressive feature is the beautiful design and the crystal decorations, and the high-perfomance and the high quality. The capacity is from 256MB to 32GB.

Nowadays. There are many manufacturers made the style of USB flash drives. The most important to choose your manufacturer of this product is to check the authority and the approval. And the price is important.

You need to pay attention that the Fancy Bag shaped keychain USB Flash Drive is apt to be rubbed. So data backup is very important when you carry the fashion style of usb.


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A new flash drive has been launched.Bringing us the Avengers and Transformers thumbdrives – Infothink just revealed its Batman USB key just along with the recent release of the Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray. The flash drive doesn’t have anything to do with the official film, but it is an officially licensed Warner Bros. product. Just as the collection consists Mjollnir Thor, Hulk gamma green fist, the Iron Man helmet and Captain America shield Vibranium-Adimantium, Infothink designers chose to make a bust of Caped Crusader since it is the most recognizable by fans.

knight rises flash drives

The drive has a removable Batman head, which looks like Christian Bale, with 16 GB of storage inside. The eyes and the logo on the suit will light up as soon as they receive power from a USB port. The eyes of the Batman head turn blue when it’s plugged into a USB port.The chest bust also plugs into USB port and acts as a USB hub to hold the flash drive when it’s not in use. The Batman chest logo glows when it is plugged into a USB port. The drive is made from plastic and is about 10 cm tall. Since it’s an officially licensed collectible it’s not exactly cheap at $86.99.

via geeky gadgets

Fashion USB Flash Drives Are Fancy and Cute
Friday, March 15th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

There are always very beautiful and useful things in our life, like the Fashion USB flash drives, which can be of different shapes and colors suiting to different occasions and peoples.

1. Bag-shaped USB Flash Drive. Accidentally, I saw the picture of the cute USB flash drive. The design is very appealing for me.


The red small bag with the black tiny belt looks so cute and sweet. A girl can’t resist the beautiful bag-shaped USB flash drive. The white little line in the right side of the bag makes it more fashionable. You can either take it along with your phones or your key chain, and others for a nice decoration and a practice USB use.

It is with USB 2.0 port. And there is no need for external power supply. It has LED indication light. The manufacturer offers the storage capacity ranging from 128MB to 32GB. The bag-shaped USB flash drive supports multi-platforms of OS systems, systems of Windows XP / Vista, Mac OS 8.6 and above, UNIX, and Linux 2.4 or above. (USB 2.0 port: Writing speed: 10-12 Mbps, Reading speed: 18-25 Mbps.)

2. Diamond Drop Shape USB Flash Drive


Diamond Drop made me think of romance and dignity. It can be used as your fashion accessories. It can let you be more fashionable. Please look at this which I pick from my friend’ recommendations. There are so many colors for you to choose from the diamond drop shaped USB flash drives manufacturer. You can also customize it with USB 2.0 & 3.0 port. The reading and writing speed is fast, reading (10-15mbps) & writing(3-5 mbps).

Why not kill two birds with one stone? I welcome very much about these small gadgets but useful tools. Brilliant designs, and good usage. It is also a good idea to send it as a gift for the Diamond Drop Shape USB Flash Drive. Hmm. A computer with a fancy diamond USB flash drive will become also very lively and colorful.

They are available from the manufacturer on Made-in-China.com. You can search the words like Bag USB Flash Drive, diamond USB flash drives.

If you are a personal user, you can also come to some online store to find any fashion USB flash drives.

Any ideas of you? Innovation is always so attractive. Maybe we can also do self design of some gadgets.

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Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army knife SSD storage
Friday, March 01st, 2013 | Author: Elaine

Victorinox proclaimed 2 new Swiss Army knives which has a SSD (solid state drive) and Victorinox Slim three.0 USB, that ought to provide you with many choices and protection if you wish to hold around digital knowledge on an everyday basis.The company, that has been going for a hundred twenty five years, has been manufacturing USB drives on its knives for a few time currently, however with this launch Victorinox has extremely upped the Associate in Nursingte because it launches an SSD into its innovative storage solutions.

The knives pack anyplace from 16GB to 1TB of storage, area unit equipped to resist a variety of environmental and daily use factors, and “remain faithful Swiss Army bequest of cleanly designed product that endure”.The two Swiss Army knives embody the Slim three.0 USB and therefore the SSD; the previous providing up fast browse/write speeds and obtainable in offers quicker read and write speeds than a a pair of.0 USB flash drive and can be obtainable in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The SSD are going to be offered in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 1TB capacities.

Each SSD comes equipped with 2 knife bodies, between that the drive will simply be interchanged, one being flight-friendly and therefore the alternative as well as ancient Swiss Army knife implements like blade, scissors, nail file, etc.However, along side this innovation comes some pretty sharp claims. Apparently this is often the world’s smallest high-capacity SSD drive on the market and one which has eSATA II/III and USB a pair of.0/3.0 connectors.

USB Flash Drive Alive Models
Thursday, January 10th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

There is little doubt that USB Flash Drives became a big a part of everyday people’s life. we have a tendency to use them everyplace just in case there’s a desire to manage any reasonably data. So, it’s quite perceivable proven fact that folks pay additional and additional attention to the planning of such devices. Considering the actual fact that everyone has them, we have a tendency to perceive that the sole thanks to vary is to own one thing really extraordinary.

This uncommonness will show itself in several ways that, such as: colours, forms, sturdiness etc. As regards given device the sole feature that distinguishes it from alternative counterparts is its ability to vary physical look. Thus, if you purchase this device it’ll seem like terribly straightforward one. However, once you penetrate and start operating with the device, repetition plenty of files thereto, you’ll conclude that your flash drive becomes larger and greater. just in case you delete files from you device, you’ll observe simply reverse impact. As way as alternative characteristics area unit involved it ought to be mentioned that {they area unit|they’re} quite usual ones: average speed and capability (there are simply 3 sorts – 512MB, 1GB and 2GB).So, i feel its “abilities” will not pass unnoticed obviously. Yet, some folks might imagine that only one distinction isn’t enough for a factor to be thought of as a special one.

Wine bottle Shaped USB flash drives
Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 | Author: Elaine

Custom Shape USB flash drives do not always have to be austere and elegant. As a matter of fact, they can even be designed in one of the most festive in the world champagne. ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. announced a few days before the new Choice DashDrive UC500, USB 2.0 is designed as a bottle of wine.The UC500 Choice DashDrive is not intended to be the “be-all, an end in itself” USB sticks. What it is, however, is the opportunity for consumers to have fun with their gadgets, so it seems ridiculous or not. In this spirit, the emphasis on speed and performance takes a little way to the overall design, although this is not necessarily an indicator of a USB low quality.

a wine bottle usb

The UC500 is constructed from a shiny metal case, and consumers have the opportunity to choose from two colors could enter, champagne gold and red sparkling. At the end of the bottle neck of wine, integrated USB has a hole that allows you to attach it to a keychain or lanyard, whatever happens to be your preference. Flash drive connector is enclosed within the housing when not used. The retractable design has a dual function: it serves to protect the connector and bottle shape allows the player to shine.

Another merit is the absence of that pesky plastic cap can be difficult to keep track. What is interesting about the design is DashDrive Choice curve. There are so many ways in which the reader may have proved bad taste, but the overall effect is a matter of style. The ADATA Choice DashDrive UC500 is available in three storage capacities and prices retail: $ 10.99 8 GB, 16 GB for $ 15.99 and 32GB for $ 26.99. The reader is compatible with all three major operating systems and comes with a lifetime warranty. Weighing only 7 grams (equivalent to the total weight of seven paper clips standard), it is also a USB port light enough. So if you want some fashion statement to go with your data storage, pick up a bottle of wine.

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