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An report with an amazing picture has attracted me ! A charming Mushroom shaped usb full of diamonds!


“The Swiss jeweler, which specializes on intricate and extravagant jewelry pieces, recently unveiled a 150-carat diamond ring creation made completely out of diamonds. ” Sounds Amazing to us. We can never expect a USB flash drive could be so luxurious. A series of USB flash drives that can run up your bank account in the same way a high-class sports car can.

It is unbelivable. The lowest price of one is $16,500 ,and the most dear of one is $36,000 that can holding more diamonds and the other part of them are made of pure gold. The storage capacity of the mushroom usb flash drive is 32 GB. Not so big ,isn’t it ?

Generally, one can’t afford the jewelry mushroom usb with real diamonds and pure golds. But we can also image and enjoy it as an art of usb. “Beauty is everywhere if you keep an eye on it”.

Beautiful and magic and with unbelivable design! I have an impulse to have a look at it if there are any chances.

A new flash drive has been launched.Bringing us the Avengers and Transformers thumbdrives – Infothink just revealed its Batman USB key just along with the recent release of the Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray. The flash drive doesn’t have anything to do with the official film, but it is an officially licensed Warner Bros. product. Just as the collection consists Mjollnir Thor, Hulk gamma green fist, the Iron Man helmet and Captain America shield Vibranium-Adimantium, Infothink designers chose to make a bust of Caped Crusader since it is the most recognizable by fans.

knight rises flash drives

The drive has a removable Batman head, which looks like Christian Bale, with 16 GB of storage inside. The eyes and the logo on the suit will light up as soon as they receive power from a USB port. The eyes of the Batman head turn blue when it’s plugged into a USB port.The chest bust also plugs into USB port and acts as a USB hub to hold the flash drive when it’s not in use. The Batman chest logo glows when it is plugged into a USB port. The drive is made from plastic and is about 10 cm tall. Since it’s an officially licensed collectible it’s not exactly cheap at $86.99.

via geeky gadgets

If you’re the sort that wakes up with crazy hair and doesn’t always want to take a shower, you might be interested in a new and strange gadget from Thanko. This gadget is hairbrush that has a battery inside charge via a USB port. The brush uses the power from the battery to spray a fine mist in your hair as you comb it.


The battery promises enough power for about two and half hours of continuous spraying. The tiny 15 mL water vial certainly won’t last that long. The 15 mL of fluid promises to be enough to last about 30 minutes for continuous spraying.

This is the latest a long line of strange gadgets from Thanko. Some the oddest gadgets we’ve seen from the company over the years have been the USB powered cooling cushions and other devices.

via EverythingUSB

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Spice life with the USB Fishquarium
Sunday, April 07th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

It is a good idea to merge an aquarium as well as a USB dock. But there is the fatanstic Desktop USB Fishquarium sold in the market. The USB style aquarium started been sold two years ago. And you can also found the smart USB Fishquarium. Just imagine what happened when you accidentally forget to drop the USB-powered products to your water? And the little fish will be scared by your gadgets and maybe the fish will jump out of the little aquarium. Well, that is what would happen with just the USB Fishquarium. The USB Fishquarium is a desktop aquarium with a desktop lamp, led clock and pencil cup. It is also equipeed with a low voltage pump and filtration system running off of USB power. The price is taged about &39. It seemed that it worthing having for the petfish lovers or any people who want to bring some liveness to his desktop in the office. The USB Fishquarium can keep your office feeling nice and refreshed. You can also have a rest when you are tired with your work PC or papers. Or put it in your house.


A customer said” The pump works flawlessly. The unit is sturdily made and the cool clock, date and temp. features are great. Just dont put too many fishes. I have 2 very small guppies and the seem happy. Water clarity is good because I dont overfeed. ” We can draw a conslusion that you can’t put too much pet fishes in the aquarium for the limited space.

Check the following fearures:It is entirely a USB Power Connector merged with an aquarium with these accessories, multicolor interior lights,a penholder, nice sounds, adjustable overhead light, under-gravel filtration system, low voltage pump. Some other accessories, LCD Calendar with time/date; week/temperature, Alarm clock with snooze feature and countdown timer. The USB Fishquarium Includes gravel and decorative plastic plant, and fish is not included. And the clock and calendar uses 3 AA batteries (not included). The dimensions: Tank Interior: 145 mm x 90 mm x 120 mm, Exterior: 240 mm x 90 mm x 140 mm. And check your space if it is suitalble to place this smart USB aquarium. This USB gadget is really nice to enjoy life better and make our space more lively.

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Why not Own this Cute Pink Wireless Mouse Kit
Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

The Pink wirelss kit includes a mouse, a usb flash drive, and a pink mouse pad. This is very fatanstic for a girl user, who always be appealed by everthing pink.


Pink Wireless Mouse Kit will Spruce up your laptop and convey your favorite color firmly into the twenty first Century with this sensible . This pink wireless optical mouse with USB connecter is that the excellent thanks to show everybody what your favorite color is which you’re able to go back to to figure.
Presented in Associate in Nursing loveable pink tin casing, this pleasant kit additionally includes a pink mousepad to feature one thing alittle special to your workplace table. thus anticipate to your day ahead and keep smiling with this wireless mouse kit.
Battery Requirements: two x abdominal aortic aneurysm batteries (Included)
Presented in an exceedingly pink tin casing
Includes pink mousepad

Pink Wireless Mouse Kit will Spruce up your laptop and convey your favorite color firmly into the twenty first Century with this sensible . This pink wireless optical mouse with USB connecter is that the excellent thanks to show everybody what your favorite color is which you’re able to go back to to figure.

Presented in Associate in Nursing loveable pink tin casing, this pleasant kit additionally includes a pink mousepad to feature one thing alittle special to your workplace table. thus anticipate to your day ahead and keep smiling with this wireless mouse kit.

Battery Requirements: two x abdominal aortic aneurysm batteries (Included)

Presented in an exceedingly pink tin casing

Includes pink mousepad

KEF Intros its initial try of USB Speakers with X300A
Sunday, February 17th, 2013 | Author: Elaine
As a social unit complete within the world of loudspeakers, British-brand KEF has distended its providing with X300A, a try of supercharged computer speakers that packs many versatile options into its retiring 7″ by 11″ by 9″ body.

Backed by integrated category AB amplifiers, the coaxal drivers with KEF’s Uni-Q speaker style ar guaranteed to please audio enthusiasts on the full. They promise to convey well-defined stereo imaging and coherency over a wider listening in order that there’s not necessary one selected “sweet spot” within the listening area. This lends intercalary flexibility to the X300A, that means that it is not essentially confined to being a near-field speaker and has the potential to be used for larger applications, in contrast to different offerings of comparable dimensions.

Aside from the essential three.5mm auxiliary input, a USB input connects your pc to the speaker’s aboard 96kHz/24-bit DAC, that may prevent each cash and area if you are looking for a straightforward audiophile-grade computer speaker setup. moreover, these speakers also are in a position attach to your pc wirelessly via Apple Airplay and airfield categorical (though the latter are restricted to a resolution of forty four.1kHz/16-bit) or Bluetooth if you decide for the wireless electronic device accent. of these property choices ar guaranteed to simply match into people’s existing home systems.

The KEF X300A may be had for $799 a try, that is pretty spectacular considering its several options, ability to fashionable transmission desires, and KEF pedigree.

Smartronix USB Power Meter
Friday, February 15th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

Smartronix USB Power Meter can test Flash drive usage. If you want to know the minutes function of your PC,how to calculate the exact consumption of youre PC. Smartronix USB Power Meter is a useful tool for you.


It can not only provides the handy power consumption , but also displays you the amount of current a USB port is providing. It is a very important tools when the power problems occurred.

USB Power Meter shows you the data through a built-in LCD Maison its black casing. The LCD displays the exact amount of power a USB port and provides the actual flow of current to a connected gadget. The meter has certain operational limitations that must be taken into account. It can not detect the USB voltage within the range of -19.99 to 19.99 VV and a current of up to 1999 mA (from the port of gadget).
Limitations aside, the counter SMARTRONIX USB Power always provides great value, because most devices suck more juice from a USB port than the standard interface specifications and some 5V USB ports are on the signaling power output. With standard voltage and readings, the meter has a setting “peak” mode that allows you to follow just exit points of data from a particular power test. The unit is compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1, making it relevant for most desktops and laptops on the market. The device is small enough (in terms of energy consumption) to run on bus power, but this is corrected by the use of two AA batteries. To provide some freedom of movement, the power meter uses a standard USB type A to type B USB connection.
So if ever you find it necessary to know the exact consumption of a gadget or simply the amount of juice from the USB port provides the SMARTRONIX USB Power Meter is just up your alley. It is available for retail CyberGuys for $ 49.95.

USB Product – USB Air Purifier
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 | Author: Elaine

There square measure several USB gadgets within the market created to draw in the pc geeks. however there square measure solely only a few USB devices that have each enticing look and square measure helpful. One such helpful device is that the air setup which will beat up USB interface while not requiring extra supply of energy. This enticing USB air setup helps in spreading fragrance within the close. Thereby the USB air setup helps in avoiding the odor, germs and alternative dangerous particles within the close. the stylish USB air setup device comes in spirited colours. as a result of the handy nature and also the colourful appearance, the USB air setup conjointly acts as a décor material. This USB air setup has advantage over alternative air purifiers that it doesn’t would like alternative supply of energy. However, the device may be operated with batteries conjointly. This wonderful device may be connected to your pc or portable computer and may unfold stunning aroma within the close. currently you’ll get pleasure from your favorite fragrance in your geographic point victimization this innovative USB product.

Creative and hot sale Winter Warm USB Products
Thursday, December 20th, 2012 | Author: Elaine

Winter is much more colder. Not only the traditional warm cotton-padded shoes, wool socks, wool coats, gloves, scarves, knitted hats are hot on sale, but also these products that are designed for office workers and computer control of the creative use of computer USB interface electric storage heating warm product.
The USB heating slippers, warm gloves, warm boots only junior improved products the USB table mats, coasters, lunch box products show the USB tremendous creative space, more USB fever tablets can be tailor-made “warm heart equipment, can be described as usurp people’s attention.
Primary equipment: in front of the computer, sedentary applicable USB heater
Sedentary white-collar workers in front of the computer is usually cold extremities, spine cold. USB Hand Po – fever mouse pad just to solve the “the frozen mouse hand problem. Wrapped folder cotton mouse pad reached into the cozy warmth so fingers no longer stiff. The mouse pad can be fever, cold mouse of course, can also become the “fever mice, fever mouse look ordinary mouse consistent, the biggest bright spot in their use of far infrared heat, the highest temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius temperature profiles of about 42 degrees Celsius. And fever mouse more refreshing simplicity, fewer trips to the tangled thread troubles. Cold hands and feet, wearing more also warm it up, try the USB heating slippers, boots, gloves, cushions, cushion and so on flannel fever. The USB warm boots 2 cm high shoes station the isolated ground air-conditioning, 20 cm cylinder high-energy effectively prevent ankle and calf tendon colder plantar heating equipment one connected to the USB interface to start warmth.
Intermediate equipment: working portable USB heating insulation products
Hand warmers, foot warmers, just a simple USB insulation equipment development achievements, USB warm equipment can also provide hot water, hot meals, warm milk, and other functions, portable products more convenient.
Cold weather, cold insulation tank’s lunch, office and no microwave, Is it only the pharynx is left over? A USB the warm office lunch box sets will be able to solve the problem of poor insulation effect of the lunch box. Morning to arrive at the office put the power cord is connected, heating insulation throughout the morning, at noon, the hungry when will be able to enjoy a nice and warm love lunch. If milk bottles on insulation lunch bag, can be heated milk. The lunch box sets The same applies when traveling by car, they can always heat food and drinks, and lunch boxes maintained at a temperature of 40-60 degrees Celsius. The reference price of $6 / month.
In addition to insulation lunch box sets, there is a more direct hot meals and equipment – heated USB lunch boxes, the reference price of $30. It can be to take power through the USB interface and lunch boxes maintained at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, 30 minutes after the plug in the power of up to 60 degrees Celsius, up to 80 degrees Celsius. Miss Bai purchased a heating boxes: “The heating function is very good I have inner PACKER layer sealed paper bag, then put on the outer bag, so as not to take the flavor while heating Throughout the morning to go to work smell fragrant rice mad drooling. ”
In addition, there are USB heating coasters, cups, only a cable link USB interface and heating teacup, cup of tea can be maintained at the most suitable drinking temperature for a long time. Some coasters also designed the display, can display not only set the water temperature, calendar, time, and other information can also be displayed; Some coasters comes with USB external interface, users can U disk, MP3, portable devices connected on the coasters . Such a strong sense of design coasters reference price at about $10~$20.
Advanced equipment: play creative production “heart-warming equipment”
If you are creative, but also want to give a loved one a surprise, you may wish to purchase a USB fever tablets, do-it-yourself DIY a “heart-warming equipment”. The DIY approach is very simple, just to be implanted in the soles of the fever film, the soles of the socks, gloves, mouse pad open sandwich, translucent fever film will be a thin as a business card is placed in the sandwich, then needlework stitched edges, leaving the USB cables and connectors as they are.

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Wine bottle Shaped USB flash drives
Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 | Author: Elaine

Custom Shape USB flash drives do not always have to be austere and elegant. As a matter of fact, they can even be designed in one of the most festive in the world champagne. ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. announced a few days before the new Choice DashDrive UC500, USB 2.0 is designed as a bottle of wine.The UC500 Choice DashDrive is not intended to be the “be-all, an end in itself” USB sticks. What it is, however, is the opportunity for consumers to have fun with their gadgets, so it seems ridiculous or not. In this spirit, the emphasis on speed and performance takes a little way to the overall design, although this is not necessarily an indicator of a USB low quality.

a wine bottle usb

The UC500 is constructed from a shiny metal case, and consumers have the opportunity to choose from two colors could enter, champagne gold and red sparkling. At the end of the bottle neck of wine, integrated USB has a hole that allows you to attach it to a keychain or lanyard, whatever happens to be your preference. Flash drive connector is enclosed within the housing when not used. The retractable design has a dual function: it serves to protect the connector and bottle shape allows the player to shine.

Another merit is the absence of that pesky plastic cap can be difficult to keep track. What is interesting about the design is DashDrive Choice curve. There are so many ways in which the reader may have proved bad taste, but the overall effect is a matter of style. The ADATA Choice DashDrive UC500 is available in three storage capacities and prices retail: $ 10.99 8 GB, 16 GB for $ 15.99 and 32GB for $ 26.99. The reader is compatible with all three major operating systems and comes with a lifetime warranty. Weighing only 7 grams (equivalent to the total weight of seven paper clips standard), it is also a USB port light enough. So if you want some fashion statement to go with your data storage, pick up a bottle of wine.

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