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KEF Intros its initial try of USB Speakers with X300A
Sunday, February 17th, 2013 | Author: Elaine
As a social unit complete within the world of loudspeakers, British-brand KEF has distended its providing with X300A, a try of supercharged computer speakers that packs many versatile options into its retiring 7″ by 11″ by 9″ body.

Backed by integrated category AB amplifiers, the coaxal drivers with KEF’s Uni-Q speaker style ar guaranteed to please audio enthusiasts on the full. They promise to convey well-defined stereo imaging and coherency over a wider listening in order that there’s not necessary one selected “sweet spot” within the listening area. This lends intercalary flexibility to the X300A, that means that it is not essentially confined to being a near-field speaker and has the potential to be used for larger applications, in contrast to different offerings of comparable dimensions.

Aside from the essential three.5mm auxiliary input, a USB input connects your pc to the speaker’s aboard 96kHz/24-bit DAC, that may prevent each cash and area if you are looking for a straightforward audiophile-grade computer speaker setup. moreover, these speakers also are in a position attach to your pc wirelessly via Apple Airplay and airfield categorical (though the latter are restricted to a resolution of forty four.1kHz/16-bit) or Bluetooth if you decide for the wireless electronic device accent. of these property choices ar guaranteed to simply match into people’s existing home systems.

The KEF X300A may be had for $799 a try, that is pretty spectacular considering its several options, ability to fashionable transmission desires, and KEF pedigree.

USB Audio & Cooler Pad
Monday, June 22nd, 2009 | Author: Elaine Lee

titan speaker cooler pad

Traveling workaholics like to travel light yet they still need two things that they likely need on the road. One is laptop cooler, and the other is a pair of portable speakers. You can get both without breaking the bank, but packing them in your laptop carrying bag could be a challenge.

Titan’s USB Audio Cooling Pad can now kill two birds with one stone. As a passive notebook cooler, it can raise the back of your laptop about several inches from the table to allow for air to move underneath the system. Titan claims it has the advantages of dissipating heat from your laptop and solving noise problem caused by running fan(s). Its retractable design will fit wit 10″ netbooks to 17″ desktop replacement notebooks. When also connected to a USB port, the hybrid functions as a stereo USB-powered speakers. No words yet on pricing.

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