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Creative and hot sale Winter Warm USB Products
Thursday, December 20th, 2012 | Author: Elaine

Winter is much more colder. Not only the traditional warm cotton-padded shoes, wool socks, wool coats, gloves, scarves, knitted hats are hot on sale, but also these products that are designed for office workers and computer control of the creative use of computer USB interface electric storage heating warm product.
The USB heating slippers, warm gloves, warm boots only junior improved products the USB table mats, coasters, lunch box products show the USB tremendous creative space, more USB fever tablets can be tailor-made “warm heart equipment, can be described as usurp people’s attention.
Primary equipment: in front of the computer, sedentary applicable USB heater
Sedentary white-collar workers in front of the computer is usually cold extremities, spine cold. USB Hand Po – fever mouse pad just to solve the “the frozen mouse hand problem. Wrapped folder cotton mouse pad reached into the cozy warmth so fingers no longer stiff. The mouse pad can be fever, cold mouse of course, can also become the “fever mice, fever mouse look ordinary mouse consistent, the biggest bright spot in their use of far infrared heat, the highest temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius temperature profiles of about 42 degrees Celsius. And fever mouse more refreshing simplicity, fewer trips to the tangled thread troubles. Cold hands and feet, wearing more also warm it up, try the USB heating slippers, boots, gloves, cushions, cushion and so on flannel fever. The USB warm boots 2 cm high shoes station the isolated ground air-conditioning, 20 cm cylinder high-energy effectively prevent ankle and calf tendon colder plantar heating equipment one connected to the USB interface to start warmth.
Intermediate equipment: working portable USB heating insulation products
Hand warmers, foot warmers, just a simple USB insulation equipment development achievements, USB warm equipment can also provide hot water, hot meals, warm milk, and other functions, portable products more convenient.
Cold weather, cold insulation tank’s lunch, office and no microwave, Is it only the pharynx is left over? A USB the warm office lunch box sets will be able to solve the problem of poor insulation effect of the lunch box. Morning to arrive at the office put the power cord is connected, heating insulation throughout the morning, at noon, the hungry when will be able to enjoy a nice and warm love lunch. If milk bottles on insulation lunch bag, can be heated milk. The lunch box sets The same applies when traveling by car, they can always heat food and drinks, and lunch boxes maintained at a temperature of 40-60 degrees Celsius. The reference price of $6 / month.
In addition to insulation lunch box sets, there is a more direct hot meals and equipment – heated USB lunch boxes, the reference price of $30. It can be to take power through the USB interface and lunch boxes maintained at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, 30 minutes after the plug in the power of up to 60 degrees Celsius, up to 80 degrees Celsius. Miss Bai purchased a heating boxes: “The heating function is very good I have inner PACKER layer sealed paper bag, then put on the outer bag, so as not to take the flavor while heating Throughout the morning to go to work smell fragrant rice mad drooling. ”
In addition, there are USB heating coasters, cups, only a cable link USB interface and heating teacup, cup of tea can be maintained at the most suitable drinking temperature for a long time. Some coasters also designed the display, can display not only set the water temperature, calendar, time, and other information can also be displayed; Some coasters comes with USB external interface, users can U disk, MP3, portable devices connected on the coasters . Such a strong sense of design coasters reference price at about $10~$20.
Advanced equipment: play creative production “heart-warming equipment”
If you are creative, but also want to give a loved one a surprise, you may wish to purchase a USB fever tablets, do-it-yourself DIY a “heart-warming equipment”. The DIY approach is very simple, just to be implanted in the soles of the fever film, the soles of the socks, gloves, mouse pad open sandwich, translucent fever film will be a thin as a business card is placed in the sandwich, then needlework stitched edges, leaving the USB cables and connectors as they are.

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Spend the Cold Winter with USB heating gloves
Wednesday, December 05th, 2012 | Author: Elaine

The winter is becoming more and more colder. May be you will need to work in cold conditions. Maybe when you’re working in an air-conditioned room or in the winter time. Do you ever feel your hands freezing? Why not have a pair of warm gloves? Have you ever imaged the USB heating gloves? With a pair of USB gloves, you will never feel cold when you are playing the laptop, Mac, or PSP, and other gadgets with USB ports.
usb heating gloves
Once you plug in the USB port, the USB heating gloves will get warmer, the temperature will rise gradually. Perfect for those that need to work all day before then computers. With your hands warm, you will be free to finish your due work and jobs. Great for those who live in cold places.

I think this is useful and convenient for IT guys. Take the gloves with your devices. Cool to warm hands.

There are the following features.

1.Use USB port to supply power, 5V voltage, safe and reliable; also you can use AC adapter<5V,1A> 2.Uses carbon-fiber as the heating materials, offering you the most comfortable temperature, Keep hands dry and comfortable in cold winter. 3.It becomes warm in 1-2 minutes and 10 minutes up to the normal temperature 40-50 degree. 4.Each gloves uses DC head to connect with the USB cable which plugs to USB port. It helps to leave computer without take off your gloves.5. The Glove made of wool and connects to a USB port. Works under any device with USB port, e.g. PC, Mac, PlayStation or Xbox 360.

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