Windows 7 Stop Autorun for USB Flash Disk
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 | Author: Elaine Lee

Windows 7 Autorun Before


Windows Vista and XP’s Autorun have become a hotbed for virus & malware activity, notably the Conficker worm spreading primarily via USB flash drives. To put a halt to the spread, Microsoft said it’s making a change to the default way of how Windows 7 handles USB drives. The first release candidate version of Windows 7 that will soon be released will stop any AutoRun tasks from tricking unsuspecting users into launching the apps.

Windows 7 Autorun After


CDs and DVDs as well as so-called “smart” drives (i.e. U3) that emulate a DVD drive will continue to use AutoRun. An old school way for all of us is perhaps to hold SHIFT key when plugging a drive or inserting an optical disc. Microsoft also intends to make this update available to Vista and XP users eventually.

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