IBM Shipped Malware-Infected Flash Drives to Customers

In a security alert, IBM is warning that it inadvertently shipped malware-infected USB flash drives to some of its storage hardware customers as well as to customers of some Lenovo-branded products.

A Trojan – known as Faedevour, Pondre and Reconyc – is present on USB flash drives that have been distributed to some users of IBM and Lenovo Storwize systems, which are virtualizing RAID computer data storage systems.

“IBM has detected that some USB flash drives containing the initialization tool shipped with the IBM Storwize V3500, V3700 and V5000 Gen 1 systems contain a file that has been infected with malicious code,” IBM says in its alert.

Views of the malware-infected USB flash drives issued by IBM to some Storwize customers.

The infected USB flash drives have the part number “01AC585″ on them, IBM notes.

The malware does not infect Storwize systems, IBM’s security alert says, and USB flash drives issued for encryption key management do not contain the malware. It also says that while inserting the infected drive into a Windows, Mac or Linux system will result in the malware being placed onto that system, it does not automatically execute.

“IBM has taken steps to prevent any additional USB flash drives being shipped with this issue,” the company says in its alert.

An IBM spokeswoman declined to comment about how the malware found its way onto the flash drives, how many customers have received those drives or what steps the company is taking to prevent a recurrence.

But the security alert says that the malware should have been flagged by anti-virus software. “If you have used the initialization USB flash drive from one of the [designated] IBM products … and have inserted it into a desktop or laptop to initialize a Storwize system, IBM recommends you verify your anti-virus software has already removed the infected file or alternatively remove the directory containing the identified malicious file in the manner described below,” it says. “IBM recommends ensuring your anti-virus products are updated, configured to scan temporary directories, and issues identified by the antivirus product are addressed.”

Anti-virus firms’ nomenclature for the malware included on the IBM flash drive. (Source: IBM)

Flash Drives Shipped with Storwize Boxes

IBM says that malware-infected USB flash drives have shipped with the following products:

IBM Storwize V3500 – 2071 models 02A and 10A

IBM Storwize V3700 – 2072 models 12C, 24C and 2DC

IBM Storwize V5000 – 2077 models 12C and 24C

IBM Storwize V5000 – 2078 models 12C and 24C

These products are also branded as “IBM Storwize for Lenovo,” and a similar security alert was issued by Lenovo. Infected flash drives shipped with:

IBM Storwize for Lenovo V3500 – 6096 models 02A and 10A

IBM Storwize for Lenovo V3700 – 6099 models 12C, 24C and 2DC

IBM Storwize for Lenovo V5000 – 6194 models 12C and 24C

No infected flash drives were shipped for IBM or Lenovo Storwize Systems that have serial numbers that begin with the characters 78D2, IBM reports.

Malware: Reconyc

Anyone who has received an infected USB flash drive and used it to install Storwize tools onto a system, IBM says, will find that the malware is present in the following temporary folders:

On Windows systems: %TMP%initTool

On Linux and Mac systems: /tmp/initTool

According to security firm Kaspersky Lab, the malware in question – which it refers to as the Trojan.Win32.Reconyc family – is designed to download additional attack code onto infected endpoints and has been in circulation since at least 2014.

“Malicious programs in this family are used by cybercriminals to install additional software on the infected computer,” according to a Reconyc analysis published by Kaspersky Lab. “The malicious program copies its executable file to a temporary folder on the user’s computer and modifies the operating system registry, enabling the malware to run automatically after the user logs in to the system. The malware decrypts itself, performs extraction from its resources section and launches other malicious programs.”

Destroy or Wipe the Drives

IBM recommends that anyone in possession of an infected flash drive securely destroy it. Secure flash drive destruction techniques include using Windows or Mac operating system utilities to overwrite all data on the device – preferably twice. Devices also can be rendered useless, for example, with a screwdriver and hammer.

IBM also offers directions for repairing the USB flash drive so it can be reused, which involves deleting the contents of the device, downloading a FixCentral initialization tool from IBM and then installing it on the drive instead.


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USB flash drive has played an important part in our modern life in recent years. We need to store and backup our personal information and files, photos or transfer them to our mobile gadgets, laptops cell phones etc..

Let’s take a look at it for the best 8 hot selling USB flash drives this 2016 summer.

No.1 SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, Frustration-Free Packaging- SDCZ36-032G-AFFP

Price: $9.99


No.2 SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ43-128G-GAM46) [Newest Version]

Price: $28.99


No.3 Samsung 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (MUF-32BA/AM)

Price: $8.99


No.4 Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM)



No.5 PNY Metal Attaché 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – P-FDU64G/APPMT2-GE



No.6 PNY Attaché 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – P-FD32GATT03-GE

Price: $7.99


No.7 Samsung 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (MUF-64BA/AM)

Price: $17.99


No.8 SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive- SDCZ36-128G-B35

Price $27.99


We can see that there are 4 pieces of USB 2.0 and 4 pieces of USB 3.0. And we all know USB 2.0 is the most widely used USBs and USB 3.0 is the new high-speed standard ones with new interface for devices having USB c-type interface.

Among 8 besthe sellers, SandDisk And Samsung are the biggest winners, followed by PNY.

Before buying an ideal USB flash drives you can search for the reviews and look for some buying guides. The best way is to check the reviews of actual using experiences and stories.

USB flash drive is crucial for your personal data and data security. You can share with me what type of USB you want to use in this summer. Shop one that suits you.

Google developer Benson Leung, have tested USB C type products buying from Amazon. And he found lots of problems of these products. And also there are some good ones. Leaving helpful reviews for others, reviews examples.

Amazon noticed that “USB-C cables are reversible, but poor quality models have caused problems for some users”. They updated the restricted products listings for electronics and included” Any USB-C™ (or USB Type-C™) cable or adapter product that is not compliant with standard specifications issued by “USB Implementers Forum Inc.” ”.

“Really great news, but we all have to continue to be vigilant and call out any bad products we find on Amazon and other stores (both online and brick and mortar) as we find them,” wrote Mr Leung on Google+.

The USB Implementers Forum Inc, mentioned by Amazon is the founder of USB specifications.  They have also published a list of compliant USB-C cables here

Leung’s campaign mostly consists of ordering USB-C cables off Amazon, testing them to see if they meet the minimum standards or if they’re just knock-offs, and then leaving Amazon reviews

Some USB-C cables can damage devices or fail to charge them properly.

“Really great news, but we all have to continue to be vigilant and call out any bad products we find on Amazon and other stores (both online and brick and mortar) as we find them,” wrote Mr Leung on Google+.

It’s extremely unusual for modern hardware to be physically damaged due to connection issues, according to IHS analyst Ian Fogg.

“Fortunately, because few smartphones and laptops use the new USB-C design cables this risk of using cables which do not meet the USB-C specification, and which cause damage, has been limited to a relatively small number of consumers,” he told the BBC.

“By acting now, Amazon greatly reduces the risk of large scale equipment failures as USB-C becomes the most popular connection type on new smartphones and laptops.”

News resource: from BBC news.

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Happy 20th Birthday USB! from Nov.15 1995 to Nov.15 2015
Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 | Author:

Happy 20th Birthday USB! from Nov.15 1995 to Nov.15 2015

The father of the USB, Ajay Bhatt told us the story of usb’s birth.

Ajay Bhatt

Ajay Bhatt, from wikipedia, Ajay V. Bhatt is an Indian-American computer architect who helped define and develop several widely used technologies, including USB, AGP, PCI Express, Platform Power management architecture and various chipset improvements. And he is an Intel fellow.

Ajay Bhatt told the media about all of the story of the invertion of USB.“Anytime (my family) wanted to do something simple like print a letter for my daughter’s school, I would get a phone call from my wife that she just can’t print it,” Bhatt said. “She does something, but nothing happens to the printer.” It is a humble story.

And during the interview Ajay Bhatt told us why why it didn’t have a reversible connector.”We wanted to solve the problem with four pins and very few gates on our silicon and also four wires,” Bhatt said. “To make things flippable you need twice as many wires, that means twice the cost, and you need a lot more circuits. We could have done it but the cost of this would not have been acceptable to people.”

Ajay Bhatt told the media about all of the story of the invertion of USB.“Anytime (my family)
wanted to do something simple like print a letter for my daughter’s school, I would get a
phone call from my wife that she just can’t print it,” Bhatt said. “She does something, but
nothing happens to the printer.”
It is a humble story.
And during the interview Ajay Bhatt told us why why it didn’t have a reversible connector.
”We wanted to solve the problem with four pins and very few gates on our silicon and also
four wires,” Bhatt said. “To make things flippable you need twice as many wires, that means
twice the cost, and you need a lot more circuits. We could have done it but the cost of this
would not have been acceptable to people.”
What is USB Type-C and Why We are Excited About It
Thursday, August 20th, 2015 | Author: Elaine

USB Type-C is an USB interface(connector) defined by USB Implementers Forum, Inc., creators of USB technology. Welcome to USB Type-C! Apple’s new MacBook has implemented the USB Type-C port, which will be the future modern product of USB Port.

USB Type-C Features

USB Type-C Features

From the shape, USB type C is greatly different from the common USB Type A. Although the USB technology has developed from the USB 2.0 to USB 3.0, and USB 3.1, the appearance of the port we mostly use is USB Type A, which has a right and wrong side when you plug it in.

With the newly designed USB type C, you needn’t worry about reversing the usb cable when plugging it in.

Let’s first get an overview of USB type C, except this easy plug feature.

  1. USB Type-C is a specification for a reversible-plug connector for USB devices and USB cabling.
  2. Rather slimmer and thinner than USB type-A.
  3. typeA and type C

    USB Type-A (Left) and USB Type-C(Right)

    As the following picture shows, the right side USB type-c is much smaller and thinner than the left USB Type-A. A Type-C port measure is just 8.4mm by 2.6mm. This means it’s small enough to work for even the future smallest peripheral devices.

  4. USB type C is USB 3.1 standard. High Speed as 10M bps and as a power port. 2X  Transferring speed of the USB 3.0.
  5. The USB-C connector supports DisplayPort, HDMI, power, USB, and VGA. Notably absent is Thunderbolt.
  6. USB Type-C is backward compatible but requires adapters. It’s fully compatible electrically with USB 3.0, though obviously it won’t plug in physically without an adapter. It is fresh that USB needs an adapter.
  7. Power Supports:

Indications are that the USB-C standard supports at least 100 watts of power delivery, so it’s possible that USB-C could replace most power adapters as a standard in the future. Using USB to power a laptop isn’t new, though. Look at the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro $1,299.00 at Lenovo, which has a full-size USB 3.0 power connector.

Look at the connector interface of USB type-C.

Type C interface

The interface port of USB Type-C Connector

Are there any latest USB Type-C applications in consumer products?

Yes. There are booming. Besides the Apple MacBook port, there are more and more USB Type c products emerge.

Watch this Video about USB type-c by expert of PCmag:

I have collect some USB Type C products in the latest days:

  • Lattice Semiconductor Expands USB Type-C Product Family
  • Asus Releases ZenPad Flagship With USB Type-C
  • Google Nexus 5 2015 Release Update: Fingerprint Sensor, USB Type C

For Adapters:

The majority of USB type-c adapters are the USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapters.

USB type-c to USB 2.0 adapters for power

USB type-C to USB 2.0 female cable

USB Type-C to Mini USB data power adapter

Apple USB Type-C to USB Adapters.

Thought we need adapters to transferring data between USB Type C and common USB products. It is not long before we do not need adapters when the USB Type-C becomes more popular.

USB Implementers Forum, which is the creator of USB Type-C, says that Type-C USB is designed to be future-proof. In the future, there will be more and more USB Type-C devices for the fastest USB connectors. When USB Type-C becomes as popular as the current USB Type-A, it will be easier when we working with devices. We will hold tiny USB devices for both data and power connections. Just welcome the smart digital connection and cables of USB Type-c of USB 3.1

What is USB 3.1 and Faster USB 3.1 Features
Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 | Author: Elaine

What is USB 3.1 and when it was released

USB Technology develops fast as the modern technology is blooming in data transmitting. We have already known well about USB 3.0. USB 3.0 is widely used for data transfer among popular devices, such as PCs, tablets, hybrids, and mobile phones.USB 3.0 was first announced by USB Promoter Group in 2008. The new standard offers 10 times of the data transfer speed vs. USB 2.0 and is high efficiency that is 5.0Gbps.

When is the USB 3.1 release date?

The USB 3.1 is released on Dec. 23th, 2013 by USB 3.0 Promoter Group, which is the highest level of USB standards until now with the fastest data transfer speed.

Why do we need faster data transfer speed?

This picture from can interpret our needs for data transferring clearly.

why we need that speed of USB

Faster USB 3.1 Specification

USB 3.1 has a 10gbps speed. And deliver twice the effective data performance than USB 3.0. It is fully compatible backward with USB cables and connectors.

The specification is as the following:

• Delivers 10 Gbps USB data rate

* 2x improvement over current USB3.0 5 Gbps data rate

• Improved data encoding for more efficient data transfer leading to higher through-put and improved I/O power efficiency

• Compatible with existing USB 3.0 software stacks and device protocols

• Works with both existing 5 Gbps USB 3.0 hubs and devices, as well as USB 2.0 products

In common words, USB 3.1 is faster and more powerful than before, but it also consumes more power. With its release, the new Type-C 3.1 as a new cable and connectors is also introduced.

There are three connector of interfaces for USB 3.0(Superspeed+), Type-A(standard-A), Type-B(Micro-B) and Type-C.

typeA and type C

TypeA and type C USB 3.1 Port

Type B of USB 3.1 Port

Type B of USB 3.1 Port

Type-A(standard-A) is the most widely used interface for connecting. Micro-B is mainly used in Smartphone and tablets. And the newly introduced Type-C 3.1 is used for lighter and thinner, and slimmer devices.

The Type-C 3.1 interface Pin

Type C interface

Supply better power Charge

USB 3.0 Promoter Group has said that the USB 3.1 connector and port are designed to accommodate future updates, making them future-proof.

Also, the Type-C 3.1cable can charge your tablets, smartphones and other devices faster with its up to 100 watts.

The test by Asus of USB 3.1

According to the technology reports from Asus Z97A usb 3.1, when the speed testing software continuously reading and writing, the reading speed comes up to 781.2MB/S, and the writing speed 797.8MB/S. The same environment of USB 3.0 test result is separately 446.5 MB/S and 448.6 MB/S. We can see the efficiency of USB 3.1 clearly.

The Competition from Intel

The only rival is Intel’s Thunderbolt technology, which is found primarily in Apple’s laptops and desktops. While as to the cost, USB have great advantage. Acer, as one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, announced that it would favor USB 3.1 over Thunderbolt in all future devices.

Pamper Imagination of the Future.

Look forward to more USB 3.1 devices blooming in our daily life. The usb 3.1 is the most powerful USB interface with type-c. There will be more and more devices like computers, tablets, and computer calculating interface to apply the USB 3.1 interface. And the future advanced devices with the most efficient USB port will supply us faster speed for data transferring. We will have better experience in multimedia data applications. Let’s wait for more USB 3.1 devices.

Mother’s Day 2014 is coming. Have you prepared some special gifts for your dear mother? Mother gives us life and all. She is dedicating all her energy and time on the family and children. Great Mom deserves a great gift. Thinking of my mom, I can’t help imaging my warm home. Let’s continue talking about mother’s day gifts.


1. To brighten up mother’s office or home, give mom this flower usb hub.


2. Mother is always fashionable. Why not present her a Native Union USB Tassle? It is not only a accessory but also with a USB sync cable, which is with a usb hole on the side. Your mother can carry it on her backpack or her purse.


3. iPhone 5S. An apple fan mom will be excited if she gets one apple gadget. However, you have to consider your pocket money.

iphone 5s

4. An USB jewelry gadgets. There are lots of beautiful patterns of jewelry usb.


5. Jewelry for mother. Of course, if she needs jewelry, just buy her nice and fancy jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets. And maybe it is made of diamond, gemstone, gold, sterling silver etc.


6. A self-made card for mother. A handcraft is perfect for mother’s day gift.


7. Cook a dinner for your mom.

Why not let mom have a rest for a while? If you cook dinner for her and the whole family and express your love to her, she will be satisfied and very happy with smile on her face. Any delicate dish is ok, or other. You can check recipes for Mother’s day here.


8. A fresh bunch of flowers, roses, Carnation, etc.


Happy Mother’s Day for all Moms!


Toshiba is a major player in the NAND flash memory market. Recently, they announced a new line of TransMemory® drives that boasts some serious speeds.

With read speeds of 222 MB/s and write speeds of 205 MB/s, the TransMemory drives take full advantage of USB 3.0?s incredible transfer speeds. At this rate, copying large files such as games, music, photos, and system backups will take a lot less time than ever before.

But there’s more to the TransMemory 3.0 drives than just speed – they also offer large capacities for storing huge volumes of data. Available in 64GB and 128GB capacities, this family of drives offers big storage in addition to speedy performance.

These drives have a durable, highly functional design that includes an oversize keyloop for attaching to a keyring or lanyard. In addition to their exterior protection, the drives also keep your data secure with built-in security software and encrypted password protection. This will protect your important files in case the drive should fall into the wrong hands.

Maciek Brzeski, VP of Product Marketing and Development for Toshiba, had this to say about the new TransMemory 3.0 drives:

“Featuring the best performance, highest speed, and largest capacity of any Toshiba USB flash drive to date, this storage device offers blazing fast data transfers while ensuring that all digital information is securely protected.”

64GB drives retail for $129.99 MSRP while the larger 128GB drive goes for $199.99 MSRP. Each drive is compatible with both PC and Mac and is backed by Toshiba’s impressive 5-Year Standard Limited Warranty!


Halloween USB Flash Drives for Fun 2013
Sunday, November 03rd, 2013 | Author: Elaine

Happy Halloween 2013 with USB gadgets! Did you have a happy Halloween? And here I will show some interesting and funny USB flash drives collections. Maybe some crying faces? some pumpkins? something with red blood? or the zombies . You can dream and image all of these shapes of USB product.

1. Happy Skeleton Halloween Keychain USB Flash Drive, 4GB,16GB etc.

2. Scary Horror Halloween SCREAM Monster 4GB USB Flash Drive

3.Horror Zombie Crazy Eyes Halloween Monster keychain

4. Horror Halloween Laughing Pumpkin with Red Belt Monster 4GB USB Flash Drive – in Gift box

5. Halloween Pumpkin USB Flash Drive (Orange)

6. Halloween usb flash drives

7. Halloween Pumpkin Design 16GB USB Flash Memory

Have you had a impresssive Halloween  at 2013? Just show your usb and other halloween gift of 2013.

These usb halloween gifts not only can be a usb device, but also a gadget and a decoration and dool. You can also customize your usb devices if you want to design it by yourself and show your personality. There are lots of manufacturers and suppliers provides the services. You can find some on the top China B2B website

If you have some weired or special USB gift or ideas, you can post a comment and share with me.

The history of USB and other portable storage
Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

I came across an interesting infographic from the web. Anyone know something about the history of the portable storage?  I still remember the old days when I was in high school listening the tape. Let us look into the details of someon’s conclusion.

The history of usb and other portable storages

The history of usb and other portable storages