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What is USB Type-C and Why We are Excited About It
Thursday, August 20th, 2015 | Author: Elaine

USB Type-C is an USB interface(connector) defined by USB Implementers Forum, Inc., creators of USB technology. Welcome to USB Type-C! Apple’s new MacBook has implemented the USB Type-C port, which will be the future modern product of USB Port.

USB Type-C Features

USB Type-C Features

From the shape, USB type C is greatly different from the common USB Type A. Although the USB technology has developed from the USB 2.0 to USB 3.0, and USB 3.1, the appearance of the port we mostly use is USB Type A, which has a right and wrong side when you plug it in.

With the newly designed USB type C, you needn’t worry about reversing the usb cable when plugging it in.

Let’s first get an overview of USB type C, except this easy plug feature.

  1. USB Type-C is a specification for a reversible-plug connector for USB devices and USB cabling.
  2. Rather slimmer and thinner than USB type-A.
  3. typeA and type C

    USB Type-A (Left) and USB Type-C(Right)

    As the following picture shows, the right side USB type-c is much smaller and thinner than the left USB Type-A. A Type-C port measure is just 8.4mm by 2.6mm. This means it’s small enough to work for even the future smallest peripheral devices.

  4. USB type C is USB 3.1 standard. High Speed as 10M bps and as a power port. 2X  Transferring speed of the USB 3.0.
  5. The USB-C connector supports DisplayPort, HDMI, power, USB, and VGA. Notably absent is Thunderbolt.
  6. USB Type-C is backward compatible but requires adapters. It’s fully compatible electrically with USB 3.0, though obviously it won’t plug in physically without an adapter. It is fresh that USB needs an adapter.
  7. Power Supports:

Indications are that the USB-C standard supports at least 100 watts of power delivery, so it’s possible that USB-C could replace most power adapters as a standard in the future. Using USB to power a laptop isn’t new, though. Look at the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro $1,299.00 at Lenovo, which has a full-size USB 3.0 power connector.

Look at the connector interface of USB type-C.

Type C interface

The interface port of USB Type-C Connector

Are there any latest USB Type-C applications in consumer products?

Yes. There are booming. Besides the Apple MacBook port, there are more and more USB Type c products emerge.

Watch this Video about USB type-c by expert of PCmag:

I have collect some USB Type C products in the latest days:

  • Lattice Semiconductor Expands USB Type-C Product Family
  • Asus Releases ZenPad Flagship With USB Type-C
  • Google Nexus 5 2015 Release Update: Fingerprint Sensor, USB Type C

For Adapters:

The majority of USB type-c adapters are the USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapters.

USB type-c to USB 2.0 adapters for power

USB type-C to USB 2.0 female cable

USB Type-C to Mini USB data power adapter

Apple USB Type-C to USB Adapters.

Thought we need adapters to transferring data between USB Type C and common USB products. It is not long before we do not need adapters when the USB Type-C becomes more popular.

USB Implementers Forum, which is the creator of USB Type-C, says that Type-C USB is designed to be future-proof. In the future, there will be more and more USB Type-C devices for the fastest USB connectors. When USB Type-C becomes as popular as the current USB Type-A, it will be easier when we working with devices. We will hold tiny USB devices for both data and power connections. Just welcome the smart digital connection and cables of USB Type-c of USB 3.1

Funny USB Fruit Shaped Web Cams
Monday, July 25th, 2011 | Author: Elaine

Looks like the gizmo geeks have really gone bizarre this time. We have just discovered USB fruit-shaped web cams, which have never been seen in the gizmo world. In fact, they look pretty cute, although the idea is still very wicked. These unprecedented USB web cams come in different fruit shapes. They are available in watermelon, apple and pear-shaped.


You can pick your choose from any of your favorite fruit shape . Each fruit webcam comes with an 8-megapixel camera (which is not too bad at all). It is also capable of capturing images at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. If the innovative design and its features serve your interests then, you can pick them from

They are available for $12.70 each . Just make sure that you do not start chewing the USB web cam thinking that it’s your favorite fruit. Although the design looks somewhat weird and funny, the web cam somehow looks very attractive. I am going for this one for sure! I wonder how these crazy and yet innovative ideas came up!

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC TX1 Digital Camera
Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 | Author: Grace


Sony once again returns to the compact camera fray with an impossibly thin 10 megapixel slim digicam called the Cybershot DSC-TX1. Boasting the best techno-wizardry Sony has to offer, including a brand new EXMOR R back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, new touch-screen interface, and 720p HD video capability, the TX1 arrives well dressed to the party. With a new set of advanced automatic shooting functions and the novel Sweep Panorama feature requiring no manual stitching or software, the TX1 speaks to the tastes of the fashion-conscious and the demanding shutterbug alike.

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