Western Digital My Passport Slim HDD is a new type of portable hard drive developed by Western Digital Company. Both 2TB and 1TB My Passport Slim HDD is available. And the new emerging 2TB capacity HDD is made to satisfy the larger capacity of data storage needs than ever before.

The Western Digital My Passport Slim is featured with a slim metal enclosure and hardware-based encryption. It is a good choice for for protecting, storing, and enjoying digital content on the go.

It is said that My Passport Slim included WD SmartWare Pro data protection software allows users to back up their data to their My Passport Slim and keep an extra copy in their Dropbox account for peace-of-mind. The software lets users back up their Dropbox account to the My Passport Slim.


1TB 4.33 x 3.14 x 0.48-inches, 2TB measures 4.33 x 3.14 x 0.7-inches

Westernal Digital - My Passport Slim

Westernal Digital - My Passport Slim

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility

The Western Digital My Passport Slim supports super-fast USB 3.0 connectivity for quick transfer speeds of high resolution digital files. As a leading famous HDD brand, the settings and the technology are on the Enge for the industry standards.

The drive is covered by a 3-year limited warranty. The 1TB is available for $99.99 from and the 2TB is $149.99 as Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. After checking on the site, the WD My Passport Slim 2TB is not available from the official website now. You can check more here : wdstore.com.

SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps – Ready
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps – Ready for Development
USB 3.0 Promoter Group announced availability of the USB 3.1 Specification to increase SuperSpeed USB to 10 Gbps HILLSBORO, Ore. – July 31, 2013 – The USB 3.0 Promoter Group today announced the
completion of the USB 3.1 Specification which adds enhancements to enable SuperSpeed USB to operate at up to 10 Gbps. This latest release of the specification will be available today for download from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) website. SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps uses a more efficient data encoding and will deliver more than twice the effective data through-put performance of existing SuperSpeed USB over
enhanced, fully backward compatible USB connectors and cables. Compatibility is assured with existing USB 3.0 software stacks and device class protocols as well as with existing 5 Gbps hubs and devices and USB 2.0 products. Developers interested in implementing the new USB 3.1 Specification have the opportunity to learn technical details during three developer conferences currently being planned. The
international conferences planned in Europe and Asia will offer more advanced system design training as breakout sessions on the second day. For more details and conference
registration instructions, please visit the USB-IF website.
1. USB 3.1 Developers Day US – August 21, 2013 in Hillsboro, Ore.
2. USB 3.1 Developers Days Europe – October 1-2, 2013 in Dublin, Ireland
3. USB 3.1 Developers Days Asia – Two day conference scheduled for early December
2013, more details to follow
“The USB 3.1 specification primarily extends existing USB 3.0 protocol and hub operation for speed scaling along with defining the next higher physical layer speed as 10 Gbps,” said Brad Saunders, USB 3.0 Promoter Group Chairman. “The specification team worked hard to make sure that the changes made to support higher speeds were limited and remained consistent with existing USB 3.0 architecture to ease product development.”
“We recognize this advancement in USB technology is an important development for our customers,” said Tom Bonola, Chief Technology Officer, Business PC Solutions, HP. “The USB 3.1 Specification enables us to meet the growing needs of our customers for faster data transfer while maintaining backwards compatibility with existing devices.”
“The industry has affirmed the strong demand for higher through-put, for user-connected peripherals and docks, by coming together to produce a quality SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps specification,” said Alex Peleg, Vice President, Intel Architecture Group. “Intel is fully committed to deliver on this request.”
“While maintaining backward compatibility, USB continues to advance to meet customer’s growing need for higher speed data” said Roland Sperlich, TI Consumer and Computing Interface Product Line Manager. “The 10 Gbps data rate allows designers across many industries to do more with a universal standard.”
“In this multi-device world, the USB 3.1 updates will enable end-users to move content across devices quickly, conveniently and without worrying about compatibility,” said Emile Ianni, Corporate Vice President of Platform Solutions Engineering, AMD. “AMD thanks our engineers as well as the other technology contributors for bringing to market robust innovation that is designed to work seamlessly with new and existing solutions.”
About the USB 3.0 Promoter Group
The USB 3.0 Promoter Group, comprised of Hewlett-Packard Company, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Renesas Electronics, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments, developed the USB 3.0 Specification that was released in November 2008. In addition to maintaining and enhancing this specification, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group develops specification addendums to extend or adapt its specifications to support more platform types or use cases where adopting USB 3.0 technology will be beneficial in delivering a more ubiquitous, richer user experience.
About the USB-IF
The non-profit USB Implementers Forum, Inc. was formed to provide a support organization and forum for the advancement and adoption of USB technology. The USB-IF facilitates the development of high-quality compatible USB devices through its logo and compliance program, and promotes the benefits of USB and the quality of products that have passed compliance testing. Further information, including postings of the most recent product and technology announcements, is available by visiting the USB-IF website at www.usb.org.

via usb.org

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3 in 1 USB Fan, light and Mirror – Nice USB gadget
Wednesday, June 05th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

3 in 1 USB Fan, light and Mirror, Nice USB gadget

There are nicer usb gadgets nowadays. The 3 in 1 USB Fan, light and Mirror looks very easy to use. Let me introduce the new model product for you. This is a blue 3 in 1 Happy Face USB Fan, Desk LED Lamp & Make Up Mirror for Laptop Notebook PC and Mac.

In fact, it is a good-looking Happy Face USB Fan, Desk LED Lamp & Make Up Mirror.

usb light fan

Look at this USB Fan; doesn’t it like a happy face? The mirror is folded behind the fan. You can enjoy the cooling air and also make up yourself. Top is a light. Isn’t it wonderful design?


From this picture, we can clearly find out the details of the fan. The usb fan is with two small foot and its usb port. While the entire fan is actually like a lamp from the picture, the body of the fan takes up more part, or the core part.


Turn over the fan. The USB fan is like a bird with two wings, which are actually foots of the desk lamp, helping it stand on the desk or table.


The eye of the happy face, which are actually the control buttons. The left one is for controlling the Fan, with the fan sign. The right one is for the desktop lamp, with a bulb sign.

Well, enjoy your three in one usb light, usb fan and usb mirror. It is very beautiful and romantic to be a gift.


An report with an amazing picture has attracted me ! A charming Mushroom shaped usb full of diamonds!


“The Swiss jeweler, which specializes on intricate and extravagant jewelry pieces, recently unveiled a 150-carat diamond ring creation made completely out of diamonds. ” Sounds Amazing to us. We can never expect a USB flash drive could be so luxurious. A series of USB flash drives that can run up your bank account in the same way a high-class sports car can.

It is unbelivable. The lowest price of one is $16,500 ,and the most dear of one is $36,000 that can holding more diamonds and the other part of them are made of pure gold. The storage capacity of the mushroom usb flash drive is 32 GB. Not so big ,isn’t it ?

Generally, one can’t afford the jewelry mushroom usb with real diamonds and pure golds. But we can also image and enjoy it as an art of usb. “Beauty is everywhere if you keep an eye on it”.

Beautiful and magic and with unbelivable design! I have an impulse to have a look at it if there are any chances.

How do I Repair a USB Port of My Laptop
Friday, May 10th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

Last Week, my laptop usb port did’t work. I find some methods and repaired it. Read how to repair your laptop USB port.

Click on the “Start” button at very cheap of the desktop and so select the “Control Panel” choice. Scroll through the list of menu choices within the panel and double-click the icon labelled as “Device Manager.” Click on the “Continue” button once your software package pops up a second window asking you to verify that you simply wish to continue.croll right down to very cheap of the Device trough window and find the menu heading labelled as “Universal Serial Bus Controllers.” Click on the sign next to the entry to expand the menu. Right-click on the primary entry that seems and so select the “Uninstall” choice. Repeat the method for all of the USB controllers listed.Restart the pc and anticipate a brand new window to seem prompting you to put in the USB controllers. Click on the “Install” button and anticipate the software package to complete putting in the drivers for the USB ports. decide to use the port once more.Check the manual that came together with your portable computer and ascertain what model of motherboard it uses, if the USB port still is not operating.

Order a replacement motherboard. Power off your portable computer and flip the unit over. move the discharge latch for the battery and slide the battery out of the case. take away all of the screws on very cheap facet of the case. take away the plastic cowl at the center of the case and so pull out the RAM modules beneath that area unit connected to the motherboard.Turn the portable computer back over and open the lid. Pop the plastic edge on top of the keyboard off of the portable computer case with the sting of the screwdriver. carry the keyboard off of the case and so disconnect the cable running from the keyboard to the motherboard. Set the keyboard aside. Pull out the screws holding the warmth sink to the processor at the lower right facet of the motherboard. take away the warmth sink and so pull the processor directly up and off the motherboard.Disconnect the wireless network card and therefore the graphics adapter if your model of portable computer has them. Set them aside. succeed the remaining screws holding the motherboard to restart the laptop.

If you have the same problem, you can check the above settings to fix it.

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A Fancy Bag shaped keychain USB Flash Drive
Wednesday, May 08th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

This is a bag or purse shaped usb flash disk . The most convenient feature is that it is easy to carry. We can not worry about the lost of it.

The body of the USB keychain is made of metal. And it is with some crystal decorations on it. It supports plug-and-play function with various capacities .Let us have a look at the data transfer speed. The reading speed is 8 to 14Mbps,and the writing speed is 3 to 6Mbps. The most impressive feature is the beautiful design and the crystal decorations, and the high-perfomance and the high quality. The capacity is from 256MB to 32GB.

Nowadays. There are many manufacturers made the style of USB flash drives. The most important to choose your manufacturer of this product is to check the authority and the approval. And the price is important.

You need to pay attention that the Fancy Bag shaped keychain USB Flash Drive is apt to be rubbed. So data backup is very important when you carry the fashion style of usb.


A new flash drive has been launched.Bringing us the Avengers and Transformers thumbdrives – Infothink just revealed its Batman USB key just along with the recent release of the Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray. The flash drive doesn’t have anything to do with the official film, but it is an officially licensed Warner Bros. product. Just as the collection consists Mjollnir Thor, Hulk gamma green fist, the Iron Man helmet and Captain America shield Vibranium-Adimantium, Infothink designers chose to make a bust of Caped Crusader since it is the most recognizable by fans.

knight rises flash drives

The drive has a removable Batman head, which looks like Christian Bale, with 16 GB of storage inside. The eyes and the logo on the suit will light up as soon as they receive power from a USB port. The eyes of the Batman head turn blue when it’s plugged into a USB port.The chest bust also plugs into USB port and acts as a USB hub to hold the flash drive when it’s not in use. The Batman chest logo glows when it is plugged into a USB port. The drive is made from plastic and is about 10 cm tall. Since it’s an officially licensed collectible it’s not exactly cheap at $86.99.

via geeky gadgets

If you’re the sort that wakes up with crazy hair and doesn’t always want to take a shower, you might be interested in a new and strange gadget from Thanko. This gadget is hairbrush that has a battery inside charge via a USB port. The brush uses the power from the battery to spray a fine mist in your hair as you comb it.


The battery promises enough power for about two and half hours of continuous spraying. The tiny 15 mL water vial certainly won’t last that long. The 15 mL of fluid promises to be enough to last about 30 minutes for continuous spraying.

This is the latest a long line of strange gadgets from Thanko. Some the oddest gadgets we’ve seen from the company over the years have been the USB powered cooling cushions and other devices.

via EverythingUSB

Spice life with the USB Fishquarium
Sunday, April 07th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

It is a good idea to merge an aquarium as well as a USB dock. But there is the fatanstic Desktop USB Fishquarium sold in the market. The USB style aquarium started been sold two years ago. And you can also found the smart USB Fishquarium. Just imagine what happened when you accidentally forget to drop the USB-powered products to your water? And the little fish will be scared by your gadgets and maybe the fish will jump out of the little aquarium. Well, that is what would happen with just the USB Fishquarium. The USB Fishquarium is a desktop aquarium with a desktop lamp, led clock and pencil cup. It is also equipeed with a low voltage pump and filtration system running off of USB power. The price is taged about &39. It seemed that it worthing having for the petfish lovers or any people who want to bring some liveness to his desktop in the office. The USB Fishquarium can keep your office feeling nice and refreshed. You can also have a rest when you are tired with your work PC or papers. Or put it in your house.


A customer said” The pump works flawlessly. The unit is sturdily made and the cool clock, date and temp. features are great. Just dont put too many fishes. I have 2 very small guppies and the seem happy. Water clarity is good because I dont overfeed. ” We can draw a conslusion that you can’t put too much pet fishes in the aquarium for the limited space.

Check the following fearures:It is entirely a USB Power Connector merged with an aquarium with these accessories, multicolor interior lights,a penholder, nice sounds, adjustable overhead light, under-gravel filtration system, low voltage pump. Some other accessories, LCD Calendar with time/date; week/temperature, Alarm clock with snooze feature and countdown timer. The USB Fishquarium Includes gravel and decorative plastic plant, and fish is not included. And the clock and calendar uses 3 AA batteries (not included). The dimensions: Tank Interior: 145 mm x 90 mm x 120 mm, Exterior: 240 mm x 90 mm x 140 mm. And check your space if it is suitalble to place this smart USB aquarium. This USB gadget is really nice to enjoy life better and make our space more lively.

Pen USB Voice Recorder and 5MP USB Pen Scanner
Monday, March 25th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

While we could see many pen voice recorders in our life, and any other multi-function pens, there are rarely some ones both performs the scanning and recording functions. Luckily, there are the products nows. It sounds perfect and brilliant.

hammacher usb pen sized scanner

hammacher usb pen sized scanner

How cool is it that you only take a small pen as a scanner and a voice recorder at the same time! The pen sized scanner is so attractive. The Hammacher Schlemmer is the advanced producer of the product. It is not as a common pen USB voice recorder as mentioned, the USB pen scanner can sacn images and texts and save them to its own storage and then transfer them to a PC or Mac. It is described that The pen sized scanner can holds up to one thousand pictures in JPEG format, and scan the audio in n WAV format with the integrated microphone.And the sensor is 5 megapixel.

When scanning, the pen sends out a red laser which covering the areas to be scanned. Actually , it is a red box area. you can more the pen to select differ area. It can capture up to 300 images after a charging for one hour via USB.

When you have done the scanning process, all you need to do is to twist the pen apart. Revealing a USB plug, you can connect the USB plug to the computer directly. The pen scanner USB supports multi-platforms, and it is compatibe with Mac OS X, Windows XP/7/8.

From the official site of the pen scanner, the price is tagged with $124.95. And they claimed that it is available for immediate shipment . Maybe we can also have alternative choices to scan and record according to our needs. But the obvious advantage of the pen USB drive is the size and weight. It is portal to be carried everywhere and record anytime you need.