Experience New Wave–High-tech USB products
Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 | Author: Grace

The science and technology is changing so fast that it seems everyday new high-tech products borning,and you just can’t image what they are and how they work!

Here I intend to introduce  severe newest usb products ,what you should do is just open your mouth,haha….

Edifier Luna 2 D-class Amp, 30W Output USB Speakersedifier_luna_2_usb_speakers_news1

In search of a pair of decent PC speakers to connect to a notebook or netbook, USB and optical SPDIF come to mind. However, rarely do a speaker set offers both interfaces, let alone a classy design and a class-D amplifier. The Edifier Luna 2 speakers come with all these in addition to an analog auxiliary input, and on top of these, they even add a touch-sensitive panel (interfaced with a computer by none other than USB). These speakers with a black and silver color scheme look more like a pair of sculptures, and they weigh 2kg each. It’s suffice to say they don’t belong in the same league as Logitech USB speakers. The touch panel will detect swiping, and will work with most media players; though, you need to bring the app to the forefront on the desktop for the controls to respond.

In the acoustics department, each of the Edifier Luna 2 unit contains a 88mm full-range driver and a 17mm tweeter. The pair can pump out a lot of volume as they are rated at 30W RMS which strike us as odd for a pair of desktop speakers.

Nanovision MIMO Touchscreen USB Monitor Back in Stock

mimo_um_740_touchscreen_usb_monitor_news1There is no shortage of mini-USB monitors, especially in Japan and Korea. In USA, Korean company Nanovision’s MIMO-series seems to have dominated the market albeit small and niche with its bus-powered but relatively pedestrian 7″ USB monitor (UM-710).Its more talented sibling – the UM-740 – gets much more interesting with touchscreen capability and integrated webcam.

A USB Microwave Oven…

The lines between household appliances and offbeat gadgetry seem to be getting slowly blurred with inventions such as USB fridge, massager and humidifier. But have we gone too far with USB gadgets? This USB microwave oven co-developed by Heinz and GAMMA is actually a working prototype that uses phone radio frequencies to produce heat for cooking the food (tomato beans in this case, as shown in the picture).heinz_usb_microwave_oven_news2
Heinz strongly believes there’s a market for this as there is unfortunately no shortage of workaholics who have to spend their lunch time working in their cubicles and as USB ports nowadays are more readily available than electrical outlets. So, this computer-tethered microwave – already given a name, Beanzawave – could help with lunch preparation.