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3 in 1 USB Fan, light and Mirror – Nice USB gadget
Wednesday, June 05th, 2013 | Author: Elaine

3 in 1 USB Fan, light and Mirror, Nice USB gadget

There are nicer usb gadgets nowadays. The 3 in 1 USB Fan, light and Mirror looks very easy to use. Let me introduce the new model product for you. This is a blue 3 in 1 Happy Face USB Fan, Desk LED Lamp & Make Up Mirror for Laptop Notebook PC and Mac.

In fact, it is a good-looking Happy Face USB Fan, Desk LED Lamp & Make Up Mirror.

usb light fan

Look at this USB Fan; doesn’t it like a happy face? The mirror is folded behind the fan. You can enjoy the cooling air and also make up yourself. Top is a light. Isn’t it wonderful design?


From this picture, we can clearly find out the details of the fan. The usb fan is with two small foot and its usb port. While the entire fan is actually like a lamp from the picture, the body of the fan takes up more part, or the core part.


Turn over the fan. The USB fan is like a bird with two wings, which are actually foots of the desk lamp, helping it stand on the desk or table.


The eye of the happy face, which are actually the control buttons. The left one is for controlling the Fan, with the fan sign. The right one is for the desktop lamp, with a bulb sign.

Well, enjoy your three in one usb light, usb fan and usb mirror. It is very beautiful and romantic to be a gift.


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USB Air Conditioner or USB Fan?
Thursday, July 16th, 2009 | Author: Elaine Lee


Long, hot summer looms heavily upon us. While we often concern about computers getting overheated, we should actually worry about overheating ourselves in a room cluttered with NASs, overclocked rigs, and alike. USB fans are one eco-friendly way to keep ourselves cool while we are at our desk. They come in all types of style, from classic to LED illuminated.

Now, we have the ultimate USB fan that pretends to be a packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC). Even if this isn’t the real thing, the dual fan “AC” can be mounted on a wall and comes with a remote for power control. As soon as USB 3.0 arrives on PC, we may even see a quad-fan model. Fly to Japan if you really want this fake AC, or instead wait for a gadget importer.

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