Mother’s Day 2014 is coming. Have you prepared some special gifts for your dear mother? Mother gives us life and all. She is dedicating all her energy and time on the family and children. Great Mom deserves a great gift. Thinking of my mom, I can’t help imaging my warm home. Let’s continue talking about mother’s day gifts.


1. To brighten up mother’s office or home, give mom this flower usb hub.


2. Mother is always fashionable. Why not present her a Native Union USB Tassle? It is not only a accessory but also with a USB sync cable, which is with a usb hole on the side. Your mother can carry it on her backpack or her purse.


3. iPhone 5S. An apple fan mom will be excited if she gets one apple gadget. However, you have to consider your pocket money.

iphone 5s

4. An USB jewelry gadgets. There are lots of beautiful patterns of jewelry usb.


5. Jewelry for mother. Of course, if she needs jewelry, just buy her nice and fancy jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets. And maybe it is made of diamond, gemstone, gold, sterling silver etc.


6. A self-made card for mother. A handcraft is perfect for mother’s day gift.


7. Cook a dinner for your mom.

Why not let mom have a rest for a while? If you cook dinner for her and the whole family and express your love to her, she will be satisfied and very happy with smile on her face. Any delicate dish is ok, or other. You can check recipes for Mother’s day here.


8. A fresh bunch of flowers, roses, Carnation, etc.


Happy Mother’s Day for all Moms!

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