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Review: Logitech N100 USB Laptop Cooler
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 | Author: Grace


Have you ever reviewed  your IT products?And find the changes of your computer products?

Notebooks have become more integral to our daily lives more than ever before and while in the past they were specifically designed for mobility and battery longevity, today’s systems can feature fast discrete graphics cards and high-power quad core processors that will blow away any gaming experience, excel sheet and video editing suite. But all that power comes at the price of heat and the sheer annoyance that you can’t even place your notebook on your lap from the fear that it will overheat or lead to pre-mature hardware failures. In the past, I’ve reviewed Choiix’s feature-rich but average cooler and the Antec 200 over-powered notebook cooler, but today I have the Logitech N100 USB laptop cooler in our offices to see what this renowned company can possibly build into a cooler to sway our purchasing dollars their way.

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USB Laptop Cooler
Monday, July 20th, 2009 | Author: Elaine Lee


As convenient and versatile as laptops are, they aren’t far from perfect, especially in the ergonomic department. Back pain, stiff necks, sore shoulders and alike are often bad side effects associated with prolonged laptop usage. This nifty Thanko articulating laptop riser (a.k.a. Easy Desk Cool 2) with fans should be just what you need to eliminate those problems.

You could refer this ergonomic gadget as a desk, which comes with three joints and folding legs so you can adjust the viewing angle of the notebook to the most comfortable position whether you are lying flat or sitting upright. When not in use, you can fold the legs together, and store it anywhere. A pair of built-in USB fans and the aluminum desktop surface work together in active and passive cooling method respectively to dissipate heat better from a notebook.

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